Who We Are

At Offbrand, we believe that “being a standout, is where you fit in.” 

Our founder, Armani or 'Mani', was born and raised in the inner city of New Haven, CT. But from elementary into highschool he attended school in suburbia. We’re sure you can imagine the struggles of being in a predominantly white school as a young Puerto Rican boy. 

Growing up, he was ridiculed for things- like caring about his appearances: matching clothes, scheduled haircuts and clean shoes. But for him, that was just how he was raised. Being such an outsider to his classmates, oddly enough, he was treated similarly back home because he didn’t share the same “street” mentality some of the kids in his neighborhood did. 

As he got older and began to experience the real world first-hand, his state of mind began to evolve for the better. But what stuck around was how he felt. He remembered that unsettling feeling of someone wanting to figure him out just by his style of clothes or his interests. The goal of this brand is to stand out from the trendy street brands.

We want to be an advocate for the outcast and serve them with liberation.

Armani is a man of faith and does not believe we should be boxed in by where we were raised but rather illuminated because of it.